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Black magic is not a myth. It is a totally unscientific and emotional form of magic, but it does get results—of an extremely temporary nature. The recoil upon those who practice it is terrific. It is like looking for an escape of gas with a lighted candle. As far as the search goes, there is little fear of failure! To practice black magic you have to violate every principle of science, decency, and intelligence. You must be obsessed with an insane idea of the importance of the petty object of your wretched and selfish desires.

Indescribable black magic - Acharyaji(+91-8764361313) (Whatsapp)

This is supposed to release the powers of evil and bring them into alliance. (It is rather the case of the mouse trying to make a friend of the cat!). In the congregational form of the Black Mass the priest, having finished his abominations—these are, quite frankly, indescribable—scatters the fragments of the Host on the floor, and the assistants scramble for the soiled fragments, the possession of which, they believe, will allow them to work their petty and malicious designs. The explanation of its effects is that, if you believe passionately enough in your will to do something, then power to achieve it will accrue to you.

What is black magic

The word' black magic' is very old, and has been in existence from the time immemorial. The Indian Vedas, the Yajurveda, in particular, gave descriptions of black magic. The belief that such supers power exists itself is a superstition. The black magic, generally involves some tantric (occult) rituals. These rituals are used to remove the spell of the individuals who think that they are being possessed by ghosts or/and god. There is a belief that some Tantriks have got supernatural power through which they can manipulate the behaviour of a person. When there is no evidence for existence of ghosts itself (and God!), or the supernatural powers, the possession as well as its remedy become defunct

Karani and Vashikarn

It is also beleived that the ghosts of lesser severity are called spirits they are normally used by negative Tantric and do black magic through their devilish powers to do evil acts such as Karanhi or Chetuk, to disintegrate the marriages, to destroy the businesses, to cause unnecessary innocent deaths, to damage the innocent and add to their agonies, and do the vasikaran for undesired elements to attract the women by freezing their brains and thinking and to get wrong gains.

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