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Chandravajra Vashikaran Mahaprayog by Acharyaji(+91-8764361313) (Whatsapp)

Chandrawajra vashikaran mahaprayog is the most strong and powerful vashikaran method which applicable for all cases related to love life and married life problems. This vashikaran has miracle powers which can change destiny easily if worship will do all chanting, rituals and procedure with full devotion and trust. This vashikaran method is available in 3 different timelines and guidelines. This vashikaran has tough procedure and very critical chanting methods which possible only with the help of any true Guru. Without guru guidance you should not go this ritual. Chandrawajra vashikaran materials and item not available easily anywhere in the market. This vashikaran is related to Lord Indra and Vajra and Invoking for Moon also. In this vashikaran you need to invoke for so many mantras, remedies and some rituals also. Overall you spend 3-4 hours daily for these worships and your Guru has to do same method there with the help of wedic aacharya also. If both will do same procedure so you will get result soon.

Vashikaran Anusthan Prayog - Acharyaji(+91-8764361313) (Whatsapp)

Vashikaran Anusthan Prayog is related to wedic concept same like akhand vashikaran prayog but this is not akhand anusthan for vashikaran. In this procedure by wedic concept we invoke daily for 21 days with jap and hawan and vedic kriya for vashikaran. This vashikaran concept takes time of 21 days and this procedure we can start in any subh murhut only. This vashikaran concept is pure vedic and not related to Tantra Mantra Yantra or Black Magic.

Mahamohini Vashikaran

Mahamohini vashikaran mantra you can try to get love back from your wife or husband, For this vashikaran mantra prayog you need to seat on black mat, face north side, light a ghee lamp and recite this mantra 501 times daily from Black Hakik Rosary. You should avoid non veg and alcohol when invoking every night for this mantra. This mohini vashikaran mantra also applicable to energized food or drinks by some different method. You can email us for complete information.

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